How we help in a dispute?

Knowledge and Expertise
FFA is highly experienced in gathering, collating and analysing substantial financial data. The skill in Forensic Accounting is the application of experience, knowledge and judgment to establish the key evidence required. Creative thinking, financial analysis and a commitment to detailed investigation are vital to the process. A working knowledge of legal procedures is also necessary.

Expert witness
Expert Witnesses appear in Court and furnish independent reports to the Courts and those in dispute. An expert witness will prepare these reports and also analyse and critique the reports of other experts. Appearance in Court can be a vital part of an Expert Witness’s work and experience in Court is of vital importance.

It is essential that the report of an Expert Witness is objective and Independent. Without these facets a report is severely devalued in a Court scenario. Reports prepared by the parties own accountants or the parties themselves are rarely accepted as quality evidence. Reports are prepared to the standards required by the Court, even though the dispute may be relevant beforehand.

Time and Costs
Legal and other disputes are renowned for being highly time-consuming and expensive. Much of this time and cost can be incurred without full evidence being available. We seek to find the evidence necessary to reduce the areas of dispute between parties, so that focus can be maintained on the most important issues. This commonly has the effect of significantly reducing the time and corresponding costs of a dispute.
Our early involvement in a dispute will invariably lead to a quicker and more cost-efficient resolution.